Live CoAP Public Testbed

Live CoAP Public Testbed

Public CoAP Board

Public CoAP Board

One of the first challenges for an embedded application developer is to get access to a H/W board. The situation is similar for developers wanting to learn CoAP. Should they build a H/W first or focus on S/W? To help you getting started with CoAP, we have created a simple H/W setup and have put it on publicly accessible IP V4 address. Focus on writing code while you can use our H/W.


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3 Responses so far.

  1. John says:

    Great to hear about IoT and this initiatve, Looking forward to work on the same

  2. Bikash says:

    Hi Team, I am trying to have a coap protocol setup using java and californium library. could you please help me some examples how to call a coap url from java and rest webservices.

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