CoAPSharp V 0.3.1 Known Issues

CoAPSharp V 0.3.1 Known Issues

Version 0.3.1

In this version, the following issues/limitations are currently known at the time of release:

  1. Tested only under .NET Micro Framework 4.2
  2. Tested only with Netduino 2 Plus boards
  3. Tested only on little endian systems
  4. URL encode/decode needs much work and improvement
  5. Exception handling and reporting needs more work and improvement
  6. JSON support is very limited. Only string, number, boolean and arrays are suported. Nested JSON messages are not supported.
  7. Multicasting not yet tested
  8. Not yet tested on DTLS/DTLS Not Supported
  9. IPV6 not supported

Restrictions Imposed by Design

  1. Message size is limited to 2048 bytes and payload size is limited to 1024 bytes. For bigger payloads, please consider using the Block option.
  2. XML is not supported and we probably will never support XML given that it requires lot of processing power

For any other issue that you find, please do report to us using the comments box below or use the “Contact Us” page.

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