CoAPSharp V 0.3.1 Bug Fix Release

CoAPSharp V 0.3.1 Bug Fix Release

Version 0.3.1

This release fixes minor defects reported by users in V 0.3.0

This release implements the CoAP specifications (draft-18), observe (draft-12) and block transfer (draft-14).

Please note, there are no changes to the documentation associated with this release. V 0.2.0 documentation will continue to be applicable to this release.

List of known issues in this release.

The following key aspects are implemented in this release:

  1. Core CoAP specification
  2. Observe
  3. Block transfer
  4. CoAP client
  5. CoAP server
  6. JSON support

Following are the key bugs that were fixed:

  1. The ACK timeout in CoAPRequest of type CON was not getting set, resulting in frequent re-transmissions
  2. The re-transmission logic for a CON message was ignoring the ACK timeout value set by developer and was instead using a constant. This has been fixed. The new timeout value will be the one set by developer. By default, the ACK timeout is set to 2 seconds (if not explicitly set by developer).
  3. The parsing of options was incorrect for option delta values greater than 255. Though, there are no defined options in the current specification with values higher than 255, and thus, this was working fine, it was still a defect, and was stopping developers from trying out new options. This has now been fixed.

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