Monthly Archives: June 2014

CoAPSharp V 0.3.1 Known Issues

Version 0.3.1 In this version, the following issues/limitations are currently known at the time of release: Tested only under .NET Micro Framework 4.2 Tested only with Netduino 2 Plus boards Tested only on little endian systems URL encode/decode needs much work and improvement Exception handling and reporting needs more work and improvement JSON support is […]

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CoAPSharp V 0.3.1 Bug Fix Release

Version 0.3.1 This release fixes minor defects reported by users in V 0.3.0 This release implements the CoAP specifications (draft-18), observe (draft-12) and block transfer (draft-14). Please note, there are no changes to the documentation associated with this release. V 0.2.0 documentation will continue to be applicable to this release. List of known issues in this release. The following […]

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