World's first implementation of CoAP specification that works with Microsoft .NET Micro Framework

CoAPSharp is a lightweight library, distributed under LGPL license, using which you can build CoAP enabled sensors and machines for Internet of Things

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What is CoAPSharp

CoAPSharp is an implementation of the CoAP (Constrained Application Protocol) specification. CoAP is designed to allow machines to interact with each other using an "HTTP-like" protocol. Each machine (or sensor) can expose it's capabilities via a RESTful URI. Other machines can interact with the machine via the RESTful URIs. 

The primary objective is to make the protocol as close as possible to HTTP, thereby, creating a seamless integration between the internet of today, that is driven by humans and the internet of Things, that will be driven by machines.

There are many good libraries out there but we found none for .NET. Being a huge fan of the .NET platform, we decided to create one using C# so that fellow .NET programmers can also jumpstart adoption of CoAP and build the next IoT.